Anti Abuse Policy

Dedifix does not have access to the hardware in its data centers while the initiative to transmit content is not taken by Dedifix itself. As a consequence of not having access to the unmanaged infrastructure, we’re not able to select and/or amend any content. We’re just enabling content transmission. In legal terms this is called ‘mere conduit’ according to the European e-Commerce Directive.

To ensure that any misuse of Dedifix’s unmanaged IT services gets addressed quickly, Dedifix has an Abuse Policy for structured handling of abusive events. Our abuse handling method is in line with common international IaaS market practice. On top of that we’re uniquely pursuing a proactive approach, to keep Dedifix’s global technical infrastructure as clean as possible.

Dedifix collects abuse notifications and acts upon them quickly within specified time frames. Do you spot anyone that misuses Dedifix’s unmanaged services? Then we certainly would like to hear from you, please let us know! Do you identify frequent misuse of Dedifix’s services? Please let us know as well so we can team up to find an enduring solution. The procedure and requirements for submitting abuse notifications are set forth below.

In line with our market leading position, Dedifix has a dedicated Anti Abuse team on board. This team manages the abuse handling process and makes sure that the notifications are handled with care and responded to on time, while making sure that the applicable laws are being complied with.

Abuse Notification Requirements

In order to respect everyone’s legal rights and ensure that procedure standards and conditions are being met, please make sure that you meet the requirements as stated below when submitting your abuse notification about content identified in the global Dedifix network. It is essential to follow these requirements below precisely, as non-compliancy might result in a delay of the notification handling or even an inaccurate (legal) processing of your submitted notification. Before submitting a notification, you should first contact the content provider.

  • A notification must be submitted to: [email protected].
  • An abuse notification has to be submitted in English or Dutch language. 
  • Include the type of abuse, whether it is about: copyright infringements, trademark infringements, child abuse, hacking/scanning, spam, phishing, or malware.
  • Include your personal name, your company name (if applicable), as well as your address, telephone number and email address.
  • Include a clear description of ‘why’ the content mentioned is unlawful
  • Include evidence in order to verify your complaint
    • Add log files to the notification, with the exact date and time(s) you have registered the alleged abuse.
    • Include the IP address and static URL of the content’s location that is allegedly assigned to Dedifix.
    • In case of ‘copyright infringement,’ include a clear description of the allegedly copyright infringed work(s); this must also include a copy of the infringed work(s), or else an IP address where your copyrighted work(s) can be found.
    • In case of ‘trademark infringement,’ include the official trademark registration number and accompanying details with a description of your trademark being infringed upon.
    • In case of hacking or scanning include a clear description of the alleged illegal activities; next to log files with an exact date and timestamp, as well as an IP address of the server concerned, this notification must also include the source port and destination port.
    • In case of phishing websites provide a link to the original website, where applicable.

Dedifix Abuse Policy Process

On a reactive basis, Dedifix has set fixed time frames for handling different types of abuse notifications, depending on the urgency of the notification. All abuse notifications are handled within 2 working days. On urgent matters Dedifix is able to take action at a much shorter notice though. The urgency depends on the personal and company risks involved and the scope of potential damage for persons, companies and/or society.

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