Install Ubuntu 16/18

Download binary file and set execute permission. On the server you may use next command:

curl -Lo /usr/bin/astra$(uname -m)
chmod +x /usr/bin/astra

After installation, register service in the systemd - system service manager in most Linux distributions:

astra init

Launch Astra:

systemctl start astra

After start web-interface will be available on: http://server-address:8000. Default login and password: admin

By the default, for web-interface and control Astra used port 8000, you may define any port:

astra init 4000

Enable automatically launch on system startup:

systemctl enable astra

Process management

Command to manage process with systemd:

  • systemctl start astra - start
  • systemctl stop astra - stop
  • systemctl restart astra - restart
  • systemctl enable astra - turn autorun on
  • systemctl disable astra - turn autorun off

Check version

After installation or after update you may check installed version:

astra -v


Before update create a backup with binary and with configuration files

tar -Pzcf ~/astra-backup.tar.gz /usr/bin/astra /etc/astra

To extract backup launch next commands:

rm -f /usr/bin/astra
tar -Pxf ~/astra-backup.tar.gz

Install update:

rm -f /usr/bin/astra
curl -Lo /usr/bin/astra$(uname -m)
chmod +x /usr/bin/astra

Restart Astra after update.

systemctl restart astra


Stop service and turn autorun off:

systemctl stop astra
systemctl disable astra

Remove service from the service manager:

astra remove

Remove binary file and configuration files:

rm -rf /usr/bin/astra /etc/astra

Install Ubuntu 14

To install the latest version launch next command on the server:

sh <(wget -qO-

After installation save license.txt from email attachment to /etc/astra/license.txt on the server. Email with license.txt you will receive after purchase or after trial request.

To start astra after installation just launch:

service astra start

After the launch web-interface will be available on port 8000. Default login and password is admin.

More versions available in the download folder


sh <(wget -qO-

Script automatically create backup to ~/astra-backup.tar.gz
After update, restart astra:

service astra restart


sh <(wget -qO-

Check version

astra -v
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